How to use Framer Motion with Emotion styled-components

May 12, 2020

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Last Updated May 12, 2020

First contact with Framer Motion

I recently took the time to check out Framer Motion, the current most popular React library for animating components. I've never been good at building smooth efficient transition, and even now I still have a lot to learn, but it's been surprisingly easy to transition some of the components powering this blog to use Framer Motion instead of CSS animations.

The projects I usually work on, however, rely heavily on styled-components built with Emotion, which allows me to write both animations and transitions with CSS syntax. When converting these same animations to Framer Motion, I found myself wrapping my existing styled-components in a motion.div component and migrate any animation code to this element. Little to say, it was tedious work, and I also wasn't satisfied with the resulting code:

Cleaner implementation

Although the code above is working, I wanted to be able to declare a single component to hold both the style and the animation while keep using styled-components. My first instinct was to I try to wrap a motion.button into Emotion's styled function as follows:

It worked! I now had a way to get my styled-components to use Framer Motion based animations and transition without requiring some extensive rewrite 🎉! The component showcased above is now able to take the props of a Framer Motion component, and I can tweak my animations and transitions directly from its props: no extra wrapping needed.

If you're still curious and want more examples of components I built this way, here's a list of some of the ones I rewrote on my gatsby-theme that powers this blog and my portfolio:

I still have a lot to try with Framer Motion, I feel I barely scratched the surface and that I'm doing a couple of wrong things. Stay tuned for some future blog posts about my findings and what I learned using this library 🙌.

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